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The 4 Keys To Getting More Newsletter Subscribers

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March 26, 2023

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how often you should send an email newsletter…but perhaps we were getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Before you worry about email frequency, you have to get subscribers to your e-newsletter! So we thought we’d share a few tips:


Tip 1: Make it super easy to subscribe


The fewer barriers you have to signing up for your e-newsletter, the easier it is, and the more likely people are to subscribe. The great thing about a healthcare related business is that you get to interact with people all day, so you have an opportunity to gain new subscribers in person and online.


For the in-person signups, add an email sign-up form to the area where you take payment. A simple form with fields for name and email address is all you need. It will only take a minute for your client to fill in that information.


For online signups, create a similar form on your website. Make it clear that they are signing up to receive your email newsletter because you don’t want people to start marking your emails as spam. Make your sign up button very prominent on your website and make your sign up form easily accessible from your Facebook and Twitter pages.


Tip 2: Give them a reason to sign up


People generally don’t surf the internet for newsletters to subscribe to. In fact, they usually avoid it. To overcome that, make sure you provide incentive to subscribe to your newsletter.


Common incentives for subscribing are:

  • A discount on their next service
  • Enter a contest
  • A promise of really interesting and valuable content

Feel free to experiment with different incentives until you’ve found the one that works the best for you.


Tip 3: Create amazing content


Simply put, if your content is dull, people will unsubscribe. And keeping your subscribers is just as important for your marketing efforts as finding new subscribers. So make sure that your newsletters are always valuable, informative, and interesting. If your subscribers look forward to hearing from you, they will likely also look forward to booking more often with you – the ultimate goal of your newsletter.


Tip 4: Encourage sharing


If you newsletter really is interesting, people will be willing to share it. Remind them that they might have friends or family interested in what you wrote and include a “forward to a friend” button in your email and an option to share the content from your email on social media.


All it takes is a little effort to set up opt-in forms to your newsletters, a few hours each month to create great content, and you’ll have an email marketing campaign with a positive impact on your business!

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