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Massage Therapist Business Cards: Design Elements + Tips

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June 12, 2023

Massage therapy business cards


When you offer a professional service, you need a professional business card. Your massage business cards can be your simplest and most effective form of advertising. When you hand prospects your card, you begin defining your professional image and building trust with prospective clients. While there are other ways to do this, handing out business cards is perhaps the most tried and true form of marketing.

This isn’t something you want to skimp on either. Your business cards are part of your brand, much like your website or the sign above your door. Your massage business cards will be something people recognize you by, so you need them to look professional.


Do you really need massage business cards when most new clients find me online?



Clients will undoubtedly ask for your card to give to a coworker or a friend. Taking a business card is easier than trying to remember the name of your website and sending a link later on. That’s too many things to remember.


Handing out business cards


Plus massage business cards are a great thing to write down upcoming appointments on. If your clientele is older, they may still prefer to write their appointments down in an old school calendar at home versus an online calendar. 


Don’t discredit in-person forms of marketing either. Potential clients who’ve actually met you are much more likely to become customers or refer you to someone else.


Of course it’s simple to text someone your contact info or a link to your massage website, it’s not always appropriate or convenient. A massage business card is an easy way to share your info without asking the other person to share theirs. You can easily hand your card to your bank teller, waitress or cashier during your brief encounter. 


Finally, having a professional business card with your massage logo and business name on it legitimizes your business in the eyes of people who don’t know you.

Can you create your own massage business card that looks professional?


With today’s technology, making your own massage business cards isn’t that hard. High-quality business cards are inexpensive to print, and easy to design — if you know where to begin. 

You can use software like Canva or VistaPrint to design and print business cards. If you already have branding for your massage business, it’s pretty simple to upload your own images and have them professionally printed on business cards.

Massage therapy business cards

Tips for designing an impressive business card

  • High-quality card stock. Use 12pt or heavier card stock. Cards printed on flimsy, cheap stock do not portray a professional, confident brand.

  • Make your logo and business name stand out. Potential clients should be able to glance at your card and understand what you do. Don’t clutter your business card with unnecessary images.

  • It’s a reflection of your business. Much like designing a massage website, your business card needs to look and feel like the experience you offer. Choose colors that reflect that image, and make sure it matches all your other marketing materials.

  • Easy to read. The font size should be at least 9pt, with your business name drawing the most attention with a larger 12pt font size. Don’t cram too much information onto the card — white space really helps to make your text stand out.

  • Useful. Business cards are for sharing contact information. Always include your business address, website, phone number, and email address.

  • Double-sided. Business cards have space on the back — use it. The back of your business card is prime real estate. This is a good place to add a tagline, a space for writing down appointments, or even a map showing your location.

20 ideas for sharing your massage business cards

Once you receive your box of 100, 500, or 1,000 business cards, what do you do with all of them? For starters, you can proudly hand them out because they look great! 

Here are a few ideas for getting them into the hands of future massage clients.


  1. Put them on display in your treatment room in the same area clients put their things.

  2. Put them on display at your check out counter.

  3. Partner with neighboring businesses, and display each other's business cards. Think yoga studios, gyms and chiropractors.

  4. Include them in the envelope you put physical gift cards in.

  5. Write down your client’s next appointment on them.

  6. Hand a couple to clients when you tell them about your referral rewards program.

  7. Ask your clients to pass them along to the doctor that recommended they get a massage.

  8. Include them in letters of introduction that you send to other healthcare providers you’re seeking referrals from.

  9. Include them with charitable donations like gift baskets and gift certificates.

  10. Hand them out at community events.

  11. Give a few to your friends and family to pass along to their networks.

  12. Leave them on the table with a tip for your waitress.

  13. Hand a card to anyone who gives you theirs.

  14. Give one to anyone requesting your contact info.

  15. Give them to colleagues you meet at conferences and seminars.

  16. Hand them to strangers who look like they need your help.

  17. Give one to the receptionist at your doctor's office, hair salon or council’s office.

  18. Add them to community boards that are for free local advertising.

  19. Include it with a thank you gift to your kid’s teacher.

  20. Introduce yourself to new business owners in town, and give them your card.

There are so many things you can do with them. Business cards are a great way to promote your massage business. Once you have them, keep a few on you at all times. You never know when you’ll meet your next client.

While having an online presence is a key piece of any massage marketing strategy, most of your actual work happens in person. That means you need something to hand to people when they are in the office. Sure, they can just put your info in their phone, but odds are good it’s turned off because they didn’t want it going off during their massage.

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