How To Make An Extra $10,000 By Selling Massage Packages

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May 20, 2024

How To Make An Extra $10,000 By Selling Massage Packages


When you were a kid, did your parents ever buy you a booklet of coupons to your favorite fast-food restaurant or theme park? Maybe you’ve purchased season tickets for your favourite sports team. Or maybe you take advantage of 20% off with a prepaid offer at your local car wash? Why do businesses sell pre-paid packages? Because they increase sales and please customers.

When you offer a series of treatments in a single-purchase package, you get an upfront payment plus a commitment from your client to continue visiting you. To make the sale, you’ll offer your clients some benefit in return--usually a discounted price. For example, if a single session regularly costs $100, you might offer clients a package of 5 treatments for $450 (a 10% discount) and 10 treatments for $800 (a 20% discount). 


Think about it. If you sell just one of each package per month, that’s an extra $1,250 in monthly sales--or an additional $15,000 a year. 

Follow These Tips To Make Your Package Sales Soar

First, to build your bookings by selling packages, determine the minimum amount you need to earn per treatment session. This will be your discount limit. In other words, if you must make at least $80 per session to maintain a healthy budget, don’t offer a discount that drops your earning below this amount.

For example, if a 20% discount leaves you with too small a margin, you might offer 5% and 10% discounts instead. You could also offer different upgrades, like a few extra minutes, as your incentive. Ultimately, to convert your customers to package purchasers, you’ll want to create a pricing model for your business that makes packages financially feasible for you and the most attractive option for them. 


Next, decide what types of packages to offer. Keep things simple by starting with one or two package offers, then evaluate your results. How should you decide what to offer? This is where your knowledge and personalized care of your clients will give you a big advantage. 


Give your clients what they want and need. You probably have a good idea of what your clients spend with your business. Use this information to create packages that are affordable and attractive. Are their services that your clients frequently request or purchase when they want to give themselves a special treat? These are the treatments that they will likely buy in a package if the price is right. 


Can you sweeten the deal by including a promotional product for free? Stacking offers can be really powerful - a discount plus a free add-on or promotional product is very appealing. 


Remember that you don’t have to offer the same packages all the time. Offering a special package deal for a limited time or allowing a limited number of clients to purchase a featured package enables you to test different offers and creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that encourages your clients to buy. 


You can also create packages centered around seasons, events, or personal treatment goals. Offer a “Beat the winter blues” self-care package or pre- and post-natal treatment series. For your sports massage clients, offer an off-season package to help them stay in shape. Again, let your knowledge of your clients and your community be your guide. 


Finally, during your treatment sessions, educate your clients about the benefits of scheduling more than one treatment. Don’t do this to make a sale, but to provide your clients with the best plan to achieve their wellness goals. Explain how consistent self-care will yield longer-lasting results. Once they understand how getting a series of treatments will benefit them, saving money by purchasing a treatment package will make perfect sense! 

Enable Your Package Sales With Technology

Your ClinicSense practice management software makes it easy for you to keep track of your clients’ preferences, treatment schedules, and purchase patterns. Use this information to help you create the perfect package offers. Then, promote these offers with targeted email campaigns. Increase your bookings with out-of-the-box, hard-to-resist package offers that your clients will love. 


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