How To Sell More Gift Certificates This Christmas

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March 26, 2023

Gift cards are convenient and an excellent option for people who don't know what to buy for their loved one this holiday season. Gift cards are also a great boon for businesses because they don't just bring in revenue, but also new customers. For example, a massage client giving their best friend a gift card will allow you to impress a new client with your skills. Here are some tips to help you sell more gift certificates this Christmas to boost business.


1. Ensure Your Gift Cards are Visible in Store or Website
If you have a website, make sure the gift card CTA (call-to-action) and page are visible and attention-grabbing. You can make special mention of the cards and any offers associated with them on your Homepage. This will remind people that they can gift a person your services by buying a gift card.


2. Create an Attractive Design Based on the Theme
Gift cards should be visually appealing. Make sure your physical cards are made from good-quality cardstock, and the print is vivid. A good design will please the recipient and impress the customer. Make sure your gift cards are Christmas-themed and represent your brand accurately. A strong brand presence in the design will ensure the recipient remembers you and comes back for more massages.


3. Market Them Aggressively Across All Channels
It's not enough to market the gift cards on your website; you need to market them on all your online platforms. Post the promotional offer on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp pages. Encourage your friends and followers to share the post with their connections. You can also send out promotional newsletters to your existing clients as it will help boost gift card sales significantly.


4. Market Them To a Different Audience
Most businesses market their products and services to a specific audience. While that works in most campaigns, a gift card campaign should focus on the buyer instead of the recipient. Your messaging can be about how easy it is to buy a massage gift certificate as a gift or how the gift of massage is a great way to show someone in your life that you appreciate them.


5. Check With Local Retailers
Many local retailers will collaborate with you and sell your gift cards in their store. Local retailers like grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing boutiques, etc. aren't your direct competitors. So selling your gift cards will not harm their profits. They will place the card display near the check-out counter or another visible spot to attract the attention of customers. Check-out counters are ideal because it creates a sense of urgency, and customers end up making a quick decision.


Gift card sales spike in December and they continue to be in high demand throughout the month. You can even extend the promotional campaign into January as a celebration of the New Year.


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