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How Offering Gift Cards Transform Your Wellness Business

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April 29, 2024

Mastering 'how to sell gift cards' in the wellness industry can be a game-changer for massage therapists looking to elevate their business. Recognizing this, we recently hosted an enlightening lunch & learn seminar tailored specifically for massage therapists. Our guest speaker, Gael Wood, brought a treasure trove of wisdom and practical insights to the table.

Gael Wood isn't just any speaker. She's an acclaimed business coach, an entrepreneur, an author, and a massage therapist. Her journey from hands-on therapy to coaching has given her a unique perspective on the wellness industry.

This seminar focused on the practicality of gift cards and their potential to significantly enhance your business. Gael addressed common challenges massage therapists face in selling gift cards and offered practical strategies to overcome these obstacles. She highlighted the importance of understanding what clients really want, and how to deliver it effectively.

From her talk, attendees learned:

✅  Why massage therapists face challenges in selling gift cards, and how to overcome them

✅  What your clients really want, and how to give it to them

✅  How a change in perspective can reveal the benefits to both the client and the business

✅  How to maintain authenticity while selling your services, and more

Gael Wood, the founder of Elevate with Gael, has not only carved a niche for herself in the wellness industry but also inspires and guides others to do the same.

Join us as we dive deeper into Gael's teachings, and unlock the secrets to transforming your wellness business with impactful yet simple strategies.

Watch The Lunch & Learn Replay Here!

Why Should I Sell Gift Cards In My Wellness Business?

Selling gift cards is a sure fire way to expand your client base and increase revenue. More than that, it's an opportunity to fulfill your duty to introduce more people to the benefits of massage therapy. Ultimately, gift cards allow you to help more people and grow your practice.

As Gael Wood insightfully remarked,

"When you believe in your service, you want as many people as possible to experience its benefits."

It's your job as a massage therapist to educate people of the benefits of your work. Bringing in new clients via gift card sales is a simple way to do that.

Perhaps the best part of selling gift certificates is that you get paid to work on new clients. Instead of investing time in marketing or paying for advertising, your clients pay you to treat their friends and family. It doesn't get much better than that.

What Marketing Should I Do To Sell Gift Cards?

To successfully sell gift cards, blend in-house advertising with strong online engagement. Use email marketing to connect with your current clients. Put flyers in local businesses, and harness the power of social media to enhance online visibility. This comprehensive strategy helps maximize reach and boost sales.

"If it feels like overkill, you're probably almost to the level you need to be at." - Gael Wood

Here’s a list of marketing strategies that work well for selling gift cards:

Your current clients are the best people to market gift cards to because they already love what you do. Ensure they know that you offer gift cards by making a pretty display advertising massage gift cards in your office. That will entice clients to ask you about your offer, instead of the other way around.

How Do I Find People To Sell Gift Cards To? 

To find potential buyers for gift cards, start with your current clients, who already appreciate your services. Also, target locations where your ideal clients frequent, such as gyms or wellness centers. Collaborating with local businesses for cross-promotion can also widen your reach and attract new customers.

One holiday season, Gael got to thinking about who actually buys spa gift cards. Her answer, “Men!” While men aren’t her ideal clients, they are the people who buy gifts for her ideal clients.  So, she made a list of local businesses where men hang out. Places like the gym and local hardware store were on the list. She put massage gift card flyers in businesses all across town.

The very next day, there was a line of men standing outside her door when she got to work. They were all there to buy gift cards. Don’t underestimate the power of old school advertising methods.

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What If I Don’t Feel Comfortable Selling Gift Cards?

If you're hesitant about selling gift cards, consider it not as selling, but as offering a service to those who need it. By sharing the gift of massage, you're helping people who might not otherwise experience its benefits. Then, think about what you could do with the extra cash flow.

We know you got into massage to help people. Think of your gift card promotions as a way to help people with their gift giving problems. If someone mentions they don’t know what to buy someone this year, mention that you sell gift cards. It’s a friendly suggestion, not a hard sell.

What’s easier than selling to people? Let them come to you. Put signs around the office promoting massage gift cards as the perfect gift for friends and family. When someone who needs the idea sees it, they’ll ask you about it.

When it comes to selling your services, sometimes you have to get out of your own way. You can use gift cards to boost sales and get more massage clients. What have you got to lose? You can use that income to cover your overhead, make improvements to your office space, or invest in continuing education. Don’t pass on that opportunity.

How Do You Manage Discounts With Gift Cards?

It’s up to you if you want to offer a discount for gift cards. Often, offering a small discount can add up to a significant increase in sales. Just be sure to price your discount at a rate that still compensates you for your time and covers your overhead.

Gael often sells massage packages for the perfect spa day. She builds value into these special massage packages by including add-on services, like hot stones of aromatherapy. This increases the perceived value of the service without requiring a bigger time investment from her. This strategy allows her to discount the whole package and still earn her regular hourly rate. 

For example, if the perceived value of aromatherapy is $25 and your regular fee for a massage is $100, you can price an aromatherapy massage package at $100. The client is excited about saving $25 and getting something extra special. While you still get paid for your time, and you’re only out a few drops of oil.

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What Tool Should I Use To Manage My Gift Card Sales?

For managing gift card sales efficiently, ClinicSense is an ideal tool. It allows you to sell gift cards online, track their sales and usage, and even manage massage treatment packages. Additionally, its email marketing features help in promoting your gift cards to your client list.

Key features of ClinicSense:

  • Online selling and tracking of gift cards
  • Monitoring of gift card usage and massage package deals
  • Ability to track & create promotional codes toincentivize gift card sales
  • Integrated email marketing to promote gift cards.

Start your journey with ClinicSense today and streamline your gift card management – try a free trial now!

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