Massage Marketing Made Simple: 6 Examples of Easy Marketing for Therapists

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June 12, 2023

Massage therapist marketing herself

Figuring out the best way to promote your massage business can be overwhelming. Even when you have good massage advertising ideas, executing those ideas isn’t always easy. The good news is marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re struggling to imagine simple ways to execute your ideas, read on for realistic examples of massage marketing made simple.



Massage Marketing Made Simple


Spreading the word about what you do doesn't require a complex strategy. In fact, the process is pretty straightforward. Massage marketing can be simple. You don’t need a marketing degree, a big budget or a whole team to advertise your services. 


All you need is to show up consistently. You don’t have to do “all the things,” but you need to do something on a regular basis. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be done with intention. Over time you’ll get better at your massage marketing techniques, and the results will come faster and easier.


But for now, here are some examples of how to execute tried and true massage marketing strategies. Use these examples to simplify your massage marketing.

1. Personal letters

 Massage is a personal interaction. So, writing a personal letter is a good way to connect with other professionals and your clients. There’s no need to write an original letter to every person you want to connect with. It will suffice to make a template to use each time you need it. Here are two ways you might use a personal letter to promote your massage business.


Create a follow-up letter that you email to new clients after their initial session. In this letter, ask them how they are fairing after treatment. See if they have any questions, and perhaps prompt them to leave a review, if appropriate. You can use email marketing software to create a system of sending these letters automatically.


Write a letter of introduction to send to other wellness professionals. If you’re looking for referrals from other healthcare providers, it’s up to you to make the first move. Write a letter explaining who you are, what you do and invite them to sample your services. Mail these letters to every healthcare provider in your neighborhood. For better results, hand-deliver them and introduce yourself to the receptionist in person.


2. Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with a lot of people. It’s free and available to anyone, but it takes consistent posting to gain traction. Use massage marketing tools to create and automate social posts. This will save you a ton of time and will make your massage marketing simple.


At the beginning of the month, spend a few hours creating a whole month's worth of content. Choose a topic of discussion and create posts around that. For instance, you might create a month's worth of posts about low back pain. Share insight on common issues, stretching and exercises, research and anything else that people might find useful. Post 5 days a week. Make only one of those 5 posts promotional and the rest just useful info. Use a combination of text, images and videos.


3. Networking Events

The purpose of networking events is to make connections in person. It’s not about selling yourself, it’s about widening your circle. The people at the event may not be your ideal clients, but they could be referral sources. Pitch yourself as someone who solves a particular problem. They know people who need your help.


Join your local chamber of commerce. Attend the monthly meeting with a stack of your massage business cards. Before the event, come up with an original way to introduce yourself. Instead of saying, “I’m a massage therapist,” say something like, “I help people suffering from chronic pain.” If that intrigues the person you’re talking to, that opens the door to explain how you do that. If it doesn’t, that gives you the opportunity to learn more about them. The goal isn’t to sell anything. The goal is to get to know people.





4. Partner with local businesses

Building strategic relationships with other business owners is a good way to reach more potential clients. These relationships work best if they are mutually beneficial. Find ways to support and promote each other.


Talk to your local gym owner about doing some cross-promotion. Explain that you treat people with sports injuries, and you have many clients who are committed to getting in better shape. Create a massage flyer advertising your services and offer an exclusive discount to gym members. Hang the flyer in the gym. The gym can then list that massage discount as one of the benefits of being a gym member. 

5. Volunteer at local events

A good way to reach potential clients in your community is to volunteer at local events. This gets you in front of people who live and work near your business. Once they get a sample of your massage skills, they’re going to want a whole session.


Reach out to the organizers of the 5k that’s being held in your neighborhood this spring. Tell them you want to offer participants pre and/or post-massage for free. On the day of the event, set up your massage chair and a table with promotional material on it. Give participants a mini massage. Tell them more about your practice and what you do. Give them a coupon to come in for an entire session. Have your phone and online scheduling app ready so that you can book those appointments right then.

6. Host an open house

If your business is new, has moved, or undergone some changes recently, it’s an excellent time to open your doors to the public. Hosting an open house gives curious people a chance to visit your business without making an appointment.


Let’s say you just expanded your team of therapists and moved into a bigger space. Pick a date for your open house and promote it. Give people a reason to come in. Have new staff members offer 5-minute chair massages and host a free mediation class that day. Put out some light refreshments, greet everyone who comes in warmly, and make sure they know how to book an appointment before they leave.

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