How To Create A Massage Therapy Flyer + Free Templates

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May 15, 2024

Massage flyer template free


You may be wondering if, in this digital age, flyers still work. YES. They do, especially in this digital age. There’s more competition online than ever before. That’s why advertising in person and in print can be so effective. There’s less competition in the places where people physically hang out. Read on to learn how to use our free massage flyer template to market your massage business.

How To Make A Massage Therapy Flyer That Sells

A flyer isn’t much different from other forms of advertisement. If you’ve used  massage marketing tools to create online ads, then you probably already understand the framework of a successful advertisement. The good news is, making an ad for print is easier than making an ad for online. There’s no algorithm for showing up in searches. Just hang it where people will see it.


When designing your flyer, the color or images you use should catch the eye, but not distract from the text. In some cases, you don’t need color or images at all. Big words on a blank page can stand out in locations that are otherwise bare. However, sometimes you need to dress your flyer up a bit by adding a single image or an appealing color scheme. Keep it simple. Less is more.


Once you’ve chosen a simple design and/or color scheme, it’s time to put words on the page. What the flyer says is what sells your offer. It needs to get noticed and tell people what you want them to do.


There are 3 parts to writing on a flyer.

1. Headline

2. Call to action (CTA)

3. Body



You don’t want too many words on your massage flyer. Passersby need to be able to read the headline at a glance. So make it stand out. The headline is often referred to as the hook, because it grabs people’s attention and reels them in to take a closer look.


A good headline is:

  • Written in as few words as possible
  • Explains what the flyer is about
  • Creates a sense of intrigue or urgency


When you create a flyer, you should have a goal in mind. The purpose of your advertisement is to get people to do something. That’s why the CTA is so important. Without it, it’s just something for people to look at. Your CTA should tell people exactly what you want them to do. It should also make them want to do it.


A CTA should be:

  • Direct
  • Concise
  • Compelling



There are times when you can get away with using only a headline and a CTA. However, when you’re making a flyer, you might need to do a little explaining. The body of your writing is where you explain the details. This part of your flyer could expand on the idea created by your headline, give details on how to execute the CTA, or it can outline your offer. 


The body should:

  • Be short and to the point
  • Support the headline and CTA
  • Include essential information only

Massage Flyer Free Templates

Now that you understand the 3 parts of creating a flyer, let's take a look at these free massage flyer templates. These examples show you how to put it all together. We created these free massage flyer templates in Canva (a free tool for creating professional designs). You can do the same to create flyers that match your intentions, event or brand.


Massage Flyer - Free Template #1


Massage flyer template free


In this flyer, the goal is not only to sell more gift certificates -- it’s to sell more gift certificates, during the holidays, ONLINE. This is clear because the only address on the flyer is the massage website. People will recognize the business by the massage logo that would be at the bottom of the flyer. 


1. Headline:  Hurry! Holiday Sale Ends Soon!


(The headline is only 5 words. It catches the eye of those looking for a sale. And it creates a sense of urgency by letting you know this sale is almost over.)

2. CTA:  Buy Gift Certificates Today!

(The CTA compels shoppers to act now.)


3. Body:  Buy online at

(The body shares the info buyers need to make their purchase.)

Massage Flyer - Free Template #2


Massage flyer template free


The goal of this flyer is to get more people to book an appointment. Once again, the aim is to achieve this goal online. That’s why there’s no phone number, just a website. Once people are on the website, they can get all the other info they need. 


1. Headline:  Relaxation is just a click away.


(This short headline creates intrigue. The vision of relaxation is compelling enough to read the rest of the flyer.)


2. CTA:  Book an appointment online today!


(This CTA helps optimize your scheduling by telling people they can book online. Adding the word “today” creates a small sense of urgency by indicating the reader should not put this off.)

3. Body:  Massage On Main

(The headline and CTA cover almost everything people need to know. The body just shares the name of the business and the website they need to go to. Another option would be to create a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone. In fact, this strategy could get more people to book right away!)


The Best Places To Hang Flyers

Once you’ve created your massage flyer using a free template, it’s time to hang them up! Flyers are a great way to attract locals to your business. So, you want to hang your flyers at the places your ideal clients spend time. Flyers work both outside and inside. Place them at eye-level, in high traffic areas.


Think about the businesses your clients are patrons of. It could be beneficial to partner with neighboring businesses. This may allow you to promote your massage business inside their business, and vice versa.


Here are some ideas of places to hang your massage therapy flyers.

  • Light posts or telephone poles in a pedestrian friendly area
  • Local shops
  • Yoga studio
  • Chiropractic office
  • Health food store
  • Public parks
  • Frame a flyer and put it on your front desk
  • Community boards
  • Coffee shop
  • Refreshment stands
  • Event centers


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