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Networking Tip: How to Be The Interesting Person At A Party

updated on

June 12, 2023


Two major reasons that people go to parties are to talk about themselves and to hear stories from other people. When you meet a new person at a party, the talk inevitably seems to lead to the same question: “What do you do for a living?”


The typical answer “I'm a massage therapist” or "I'm a chiropractor" can put a quick end to the conversation. Not for lack of interest, but the answer just doesn't lend itself to a more in depth discussion.You have witnessed the healing touch that massage can bring to a tired, broken body. Rather than simply answering the question, if you could express what you do without using a job title it could open the door for conversation.


Next time you are at an event, try answering with something like “I relieve people’s pain.” An answer like this can draw immediate interest. Immediately your counterpart will want to know how, and now you're off to a more in depth and interesting conversation about your career. This will allow you to really show your expertise as you explain the modalities that you use to relive pain areas.


This is also a method you should use when trying to sell yourself to potential new clients and at business networking events. Describing the benefits to the potential client and the end result, rather than a general labelling of massage therapist or chiropractor, will help them visualize how you can help them.


So next time you are at a party and that inevitable question comes up, come up with something creative and different and see what happens!

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