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March 25, 2024

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With more than 10,000 people reaching 65 years of age each day in America, the senior market segment provides fantastic opportunity to grow your new or established massage therapy company. One quick way to catch the eye of the senior market is by offering senior discounts. Consider the following tips to boost your company's ROI of marketing efforts by maximizing discount offers and enjoy the rewards of working with your new senior clientele.


Making Your Mark
The first impression your company makes with senior clientele may be marketing materials, such as brochures, coupons, mailers and business cards. Use easy-to-read fonts and large print on all marketing materials to better convey your company's message. Additionally, use phrases targeted to seniors, such as "increased flexibility" and "improved balance".


Pinpointing Your Senior Market Segment
Before you can offer massage discounts and specials, you must find your customers. Fortunately, locating your senior market segment can be as simple as searching the Internet. Search for assisted living homes, retirement homes, senior apartment communities and local community centres. You're also going to need to know activity schedules at these facilities to tailor your discounts. Check their websites for schedules to maximize your time.


Early-Bird Specials
Many seniors are on fixed incomes, so coupons are always an eye-catcher. When you're preparing coupons and marketing materials for assisted living homes and retirement homes, remember that these facilities generally offer many activities through the week. If you're going to offer discounts for specific times of the day or even specific days, check the activity schedules and offer your discounted services accordingly. This could be a great way to increase business during a slow time during working hours.


Old School Marketing
Most seniors live at home, rather than assisted living or retirement homes. So, old school marketing, such as mailers and door hangers, will work to your advantage. Apartment communities for people 55+ or 65+ are excellent sources for clientele. One strategy is mailing coupon postcards to these addresses.


Reach out to the administrators or managers at these communities. You may be able to display advertisements in common areas, such as offices, activity rooms and mail rooms. Door hangers are another effective marketing tool for these communities.


Partnering With Local Businesses
Reach out to local businesses that share interests in the senior market. You could combine efforts for multiple company advertising on brochures and mailers, for example. Some industries to consider a relationship are florists, hair and nail salons, geriatric supply stores, and arts and crafts stores.


Free Massages (And Their Benefits!)
There's no better discount than free! Set appointments with the activities or wellness directors at assisted living homes and retirement homes. Your goal is to establish a massage program at these facilities. If you don't get warm responses from the directors or administrators you speak with, suggest a trial period at these facilities and offer free massage sessions to residents. You may attract individual clients this way. At the very least, you may be allowed to distribute door hanger coupons and display your brochure in a central area.


Finally, to grow your business with the growing senior population, you must tailor your marketing efforts to their needs. Make it easy for seniors to communicate with you via clear marketing materials, your availability and care.

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