Your Billboard On Wheels: The 411 On Car Wraps

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June 12, 2024

car wraps for business marketing

Getting the word out about your clinic is a key to success. Effective advertising can be difficult however, as flyers, print ads, and local commercials are often ignored. If you’re looking for an innovative way to advertise your business consider getting a car wrap.


What Is A Car Wrap?

A car wrap is a decal made out of vinyl that you wrap around the exterior of your automobile. It allows you to turn your car into a mobile advertisement for your clinic. These wraps are easily removed, perfectly safe to use on your car, and can last several years. They can cover the entire vehicle or just part of it. In general, partial wraps cover the back and fender while full wraps cover the entire car minus the roof.


Car Wraps Are Effective

In terms of return on investment, car wraps can be very effective. They are generally less expensive than billboards, print ads, radio, and local television commercials, yet also get noticed in traffic as people drive by. A billboard can be easily ignored but not the car in front of you!


Designing A Car Wrap

Due to the fact a car wrap is a moving advertisement you have to be careful about certain design aspects. Since traffic moves quickly, it's important that your design is eye-catching and can be noticed in just a glance. For the same reason your company’s information has to be in a clear font that's large enough to be easily read.


And since you only have a couple seconds of the reader's attention, it's important that the information you're trying to pass on to potential customers is exact and to the point. Be sure to highlight your company name, phone number, website, and location - either an exact address or even the closest intersection or area of town.


You'll also want to consult a professional graphic designer on this one since it's a fairly complex design job - plus, you'll get the benefit of their expertise for creating eye-catching designs.  

How to use car wraps to market your business

Additional Tips

Be sure to make use of your car wrap as an advertising tool as often as you can. So going out into busy areas with a lot of visitors is a good idea. For example parking your car in a visible location at a busy mall or shopping centre can be a great way to attract potential customers. The more people that see your car wrap the better!

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