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1 Simple Question To Attract New Customers

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June 12, 2023

Here’s an idea for your clinic that may be the easiest marketing tactic to implement that we’ve ever written about.


Customers may book a treatment with you for several reasons – but one of the most common reasons is pain. And as part of your assessment, it’s important to find out the source of this pain. Which leads us to a simple question that has tons of marketing power:


Is this work-related pain?


Sure, it’s a basic question, one that you’ve probably asked hundreds of times. But what is often overlooked is the opportunity that comes with work-related pain. Consider that this person may work with a few to a few hundred other people that do the same job – whether that’s spending 8 hours a day on a computer, or lifting heavy materials. If they are experiencing pain from their job – I guarantee that their co-workers are too.


So someone with pain has come to see you, your treatment made them feel better, and they know other people with the same pain. Now if that’s not opportunity, I’m not sure what is! Once you know the pain is work related, put your marketing hat on – let this client know that you are accepting new clients and you’d be happy to treat their co-workers if they are experiencing the same pain. Give them business cards or brochures to hand out. Even build in a referral incentive – offer them 15 minutes free for every client they refer – or find out if they work for a large company and set up a formal deal to employees of this company.


So make sure this one question is asked every time - there is lots of hidden potential out there, you just have to find it!

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