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Massage Therapy Social Media Posts: 5 Ideas for Your Content

Massage therapy social media posts

If you’re looking for a free way to advertise your business, social media is the way to go. The only investment required is your time. In this article, we’ll cover how to create and execute a social media plan. Plus, we’ll share examples of strong massage therapy social media posts.

Let’s get started!

Use social media to grow your massage business

Social media is designed to connect people across the globe. A simple click of a button puts you and your message in front of the world…or at least your followers.

Social media can connect you to people in your community. The more people in town who know your business, the better. You can use social media to engage in conversation with your neighbors and get involved in community events. This is a good way to let people get to know you and your brand.

You can market your business on social media. Use massage therapy social media posts to educate people about the benefits of massage. Promote your services. You could even have a social media sale by creating a promo code for people to use when they book their appointment. Clinicsense makes creating promo codes and advertising your sales easy.

Social media can connect you to other wellness professionals. Want to get more referrals? Connect with doctors, PTs, chiropractors, yoga instructors, and personal trainers in your area. Market yourself as a massage therapist. Get to know healthcare providers in your neighborhood, and let them get to know you.


How to create and execute a social media plan

You don’t need to create massage therapy social media posts for every platform. Nor do you need to create new posts every single day. It’s easier to create a plan and automate it on a single platform or 2 if you really want to. We’ll cover which platforms to use later in this article.

Follow these steps to create and execute a social media plan for your massage therapy business:

1. Create a goal for your content marketing. Don’t start posting on social media until you have a clear objective. Pick one thing to focus on. For example, promoting gift certificates, connecting with healthcare providers, or community education. Once you have a goal, figuring out what to post gets easier. Focus all your posts around that subject.


2. Create a plan. Create 2-4 weeks of social media posts all at once. Each one should help you achieve your goal. Decide how often you want to publish posts, the more frequent, the better. Daily is a good goal, but 3 days a week could work too. Next, create a calendar for sharing posts on specific days. There are many massage marketing tools available to automate tasks like scheduling and publishing posts in bulk.


3. Commit to consistency. Schedule a day every 2-4 weeks to create and schedule massage therapy social media posts. Then set aside 10 minutes every day to respond to posts on social media. It’s not enough to just share posts. It’s important to engage with other people's posts and respond to messages people leave you.


4. Track your progress. Monitor what’s working and what’s not. Track how many visitors your website is getting via social media. It could take a few months of consistently posting before you see results. If you’re not getting the results you want, change your strategy and start again.


5 examples of strong massage therapy social media posts

Use these examples of massage therapy social media posts to come up with ideas for your own content. Using an image is a good way to stop the scroll. You can expand on your thoughts in the post with text.


  1. Promote Holiday Specials. Every season holds a holiday. New Year's Day. Valentine’s day. Mother’s Day. Memorial Day. Father’s Day. Independence Day. Labor Day. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Create social media posts or massage specials for any and all of them.
    massage sale social media post


2. Promote a new service. Use social media for advertising your services. If you’re offering something new, social media is a good way to share it.
Craniosacral therapy social media posts


3. Educate people. Become a valuable resource by sharing self-care tips. Not every post needs to be about massage therapy. Massage is just one part of a self-care regime. Sharing useful information will position you as an expert. When they are ready for a massage, they’ll remember you and all the free wisdom you share.

Self-care social media post


4. Introduce new staff members. A good way to get more shares is to tag people in your post. If you hire a massage therapist, introducing them on social media gives them a reason to share the post so more people see it. Plus, it’s a good way to promote their services in your clinic.

New staff members


5. Advertise your new location. If you’re moving or opening a second location, definitely share that information on social media. Don’t forget to update your profile too!
New Location social media post


Which social media platform should massage therapists use?

Whichever one you can commit to posting on consistently. Base your choice on your own familiarity, the style of post you want to create, or the people you want to connect with. Choose one or two platforms to create massage therapy social media posts on. If you enjoy it and want to do more, go for it. But there’s no need to do more than one.


Use Facebook to connect with people in your community. People of all ages are on Facebook, particularly older ones who need a massage. It still has more users than any other platform. If you want to create Facebook ads, you can target your ideal customers, so your posts get in front of the right people.


Use Instagram in conjunction with Facebook. Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram. So, it’s now easy to share the same post on both platforms. Your Facebook ads can also be shared on Instagram automatically. You'll need an account on both platforms.


Use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals. If your content marketing goal is to get referrals from other healthcare providers, use LinkedIn to make those connections. This is also a good place to network with other massage therapists. When you’re growing your clinic, it’s good to know a lot of massage therapists. That’ll make finding one to hire much easier.