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Benefits Of Hiring A Corporate Massage Therapist

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July 9, 2024

Benefits Of Hiring A Corporate Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist looking to promote your corporate chair massage services, understanding the numerous benefits and effective marketing strategies is crucial. This article will guide you through the advantages of being a corporate massage therapist and provide actionable tips to help you attract and retain corporate clients.

What Is Corporate Massage Therapy?

Corporate massage therapy is when a massage therapist treats clients in their workspace. Corporate chair massage is often offered as an employee benefit to decrease workplace stress, improve productivity, and boost morale in the office. Corporate massage therapists work in many settings, such as offices, factories, and special events.

Corporate chair massage is generally a quick 15-30 minute session designed to relieve stress and restore energy. Some corporate chair massage therapists use a massage table and may offer longer sessions. It all depends on the client, setting, and the company’s overall goals for hiring a corporate massage therapist.

Benefits Of Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate chair massage boosts employee happiness, health, and productivity. By investing in this service, companies see a significant reduction in sick days and employee turnover. The many benefits of massage therapy in a corporate setting lead to a more efficient and satisfied workforce.

Benefits Of Corporate Chair Massage

Increased Employee Productivity

Taking breaks during the workday boosts productivity. As the day progresses, energy wanes, muscles ache, and focus diminishes. A 20-minute chair massage renews energy, eases muscle tension, and restores focus, allowing you to work at a higher capacity again.

Better Employee Health

Corporate chair massage boosts employee health by alleviating the strain from repetitive movements and prolonged postures, such as being hunched over a desk. This can prevent ailments like headaches and tendonitis. Plus, reducing workplace stress has a positive impact on the overall health of employees.

Fewer Sick Days

Corporate chair massage leads to fewer sick days by promoting a healthier, happier team. When stress, a key factor in many mental and physical ailments, is reduced, employees take fewer health-related absences. This makes investing in corporate chair massage a winning strategy for both employers and employees.

Improves Workplace Morale

Corporate massage therapy boosts morale by making employees feel valued and respected. Massage increases happiness, leading to a more positive and motivated workforce. When employees feel appreciated, their overall morale and job satisfaction improve significantly.

Attract And Retain Top Talent

Offering employee benefits like regular access to a corporate massage therapist helps attract top talent and reduce employee turnover. By investing in wellness plans, companies show they value and care for their staff, building employee loyalty and enhancing the company's appeal to prospective high-quality employees.

Types Of Events You Can Do As A Corporate Chair Massage Business

Corporate chair massage isn’t limited to working in corporate offices. With a mobile massage business, you can offer chair massage at all kinds of events, including:

  • Retreats
  • Training Sessions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Meetings
  • Parties
  • Trade Shows
  • Workshops
  • Conferences


Corporate chair massage at retreats enhances relaxation and rejuvenation, providing employees with a much-needed break. This service helps attendees unwind, reduces stress, and promotes overall well-being, making the retreat experience more enjoyable and productive for everyone involved. It's a perfect addition to any corporate retreat.

Training Sessions

Corporate chair massage at training sessions helps maintain focus and reduce stress, ensuring participants stay engaged and refreshed. Providing massages during breaks can alleviate physical discomfort from prolonged sitting, enhancing the overall learning experience and productivity of the training session.

Awards Ceremonies

Corporate chair massage at award ceremonies adds a touch of luxury and appreciation, making the event more memorable. This service helps attendees relax and enjoy the celebration, enhancing the overall experience and boosting morale. It's a thoughtful way to show gratitude and recognition for employees' hard work.


Corporate chair massage at meetings helps reduce stress and tension, keeping participants focused and energized. This service provides a refreshing break, promoting relaxation and improving overall productivity. Incorporating massages into meetings can enhance engagement and create a more positive, collaborative atmosphere.


Corporate chair massage at parties adds an element of relaxation and enjoyment, helping attendees unwind and de-stress. This service enhances the overall atmosphere, making the event more enjoyable and memorable. Offering massages at parties shows appreciation for employees, boosting morale and fostering a sense of well-being.

Trade Shows

Corporate chair massage at trade shows attracts visitors to your booth, offering them a relaxing break from the busy event. This service not only enhances attendee experience but also increases foot traffic and engagement. Providing massages can leave a lasting positive impression, making your company stand out.


Corporate chair massage at workshops helps participants stay relaxed and focused. Offering massages during breaks can alleviate stress and physical discomfort, enhancing the overall learning and engagement experience. This thoughtful addition promotes well-being and ensures attendees get the most out of the workshop.


Corporate chair massage at conferences provides attendees with a refreshing break, helping to reduce stress and fatigue. This service enhances the overall experience, keeping participants relaxed and energized throughout the event. Offering massages at conferences demonstrates care for attendees' well-being, making the event more enjoyable and productive.

Benefits Of Hiring A Corporate Massage Therapist

How To Market Your Corporate Chair Massage Business

Market your corporate chair massage business by leveraging word-of-mouth from existing clients, both corporate and private. Network and connect with other business owners, and use strategic advertising to reach your target audience. Building strong relationships and visibility will help grow your client base effectively.

Let’s take a closer look at marketing strategies that can help you get corporate chair massage clients.

Promote Corporate Chair Massage On Social Media

Promote corporate chair massage on social media to reach business owners and HR professionals. Highlight the benefits of workplace massage, share statistics on workplace stress, and emphasize its role in attracting and retaining top talent. This education can inspire them to consider your massage therapy services and hire you.

Include Corporate Chair Massage On Your Website

Add corporate chair massage to the service listings on your website to provide potential corporate clients with detailed information and create a professional first impression. Private clients visiting your clinic may also notice this service and consider it for special occasions or enhancing staff well-being in their businesses. 

Join Local Organizations

Join an organization to market your massage services effectively. Networking within professional groups can help you connect with potential clients and partners, increasing your visibility. Membership in these organizations enhances your credibility and provides opportunities to showcase your corporate chair massage services to a broader audience.

Google My Business

Set up a Google Business Profile so potential clients can easily find you online. This ensures visibility on Google Maps and listings. Use ClinicSense's Google Review Booster to collect more reviews and set up online booking directly through your Google listing to attract new clients.

Use Massage Therapy Software

Use massage therapy software to enhance your marketing efforts by collecting reviews, automating referral and review requests, and managing email marketing campaigns. It keeps you organized and presents a professional appearance to corporate clients. Plus, it frees up time by automating manual tasks like bookkeeping and scheduling, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Send Email Newsletters

Send email newsletters to keep clients informed and engaged. Share updates on your services, benefits of corporate chair massage, special offers, and success stories. Regular newsletters maintain client relationships, showcase your expertise, and encourage repeat business. They also provide an opportunity to highlight client testimonials, further boosting your credibility.

Optimize Your Website

Optimize your website with local SEO to attract nearby businesses seeking corporate chair massage services. Ensure your site is designed to appeal to corporate clients, featuring a professional layout, detailed service information, and client testimonials. This enhances your online presence, making it easier for potential clients to find and choose your services.

Offer A Referral Program

Offer a referral program to encourage existing clients to recommend your corporate chair massage services. Provide incentives such as discounts or free sessions for successful referrals. This strategy not only attracts new clients but also strengthens relationships with current clients, promoting loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.


Advertise massage services through various channels such as social media, local publications, and online platforms. Highlight the benefits of corporate chair massage and use targeted ads to reach business owners and HR professionals. Effective advertising increases visibility and attracts potential clients to your services.

Grow Your Practice With Corporate Chair Massage

Adding corporate massage to your service offerings can significantly grow your practice. It brings in additional revenue from corporate clients and can convert onsite employees into personal clients at your clinic. Use the information in this article to pitch prospective corporate clients and educate them about the benefits. Becoming a corporate massage therapist can greatly enhance your business and professional network.

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