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7 Massage Advertising Ideas For the New Year

Massage advertising ideas


Every year, billions of people make a new year's resolution to improve their health. They plan to hit the gym, take better care of themselves and address nagging ailments. Massage needs to be part of that plan. That means you need massage advertising ideas that do more than tell people who you are. You need to market yourself and your business as an essential part of any wellness plan.

Make New Year advertising about improving health


As a massage therapist, you’re in the business of improving quality of life. The wellness services you offer are vital to the health and happiness of so many people. As the new year approaches, it’s important to promote that aspect of your business. 


As you know, massage is beneficial for mind, body and spirit. No matter what someone’s health goals are this year, massage can help. 


How do you convey the therapeutic benefits of massage in a way that makes people pay attention?


You make it about them.

  • The goal of exercising more, means more sore muscles. Better schedule that massage ahead of time.
  • A plan to invest more time in self-care should include massage.
  • The intention to schedule an overdue orthopedic surgery will require pre and post-op care. Massage can help manage pain before and speed recovery after.

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Brainstorm ideas for advertising massage for wellness. Instead of focusing on the features of your offerings, focus on the benefits and outcomes. A feature is the modality. The benefit is the reason the modality is used. The outcome is the result the treatment provides. 


Feature:  Swedish Massage

Benefit:  Relaxation and stress relief

Outcome:  Feeling calm and more focused


Feature:  Deep tissue massage

Benefit:  Decrease muscle tension

Outcome:  Fewer tension headaches


Focus on the benefits and outcomes that matter most to your ideal clients. 

It’s helpful to have a niche (or a few niches). A niche is a specific type of client you work with. This could be athletes, busy executives, chronic pain sufferers, or people with a certain type of injury or issue. Having a niche will help you streamline your messaging and get the attention of the right people.


Massage advertising ideas for promoting wellness

You don’t need to be salesy. You need to inspire people. Implement 2-3 of these massage advertising ideas to promote yourself as part of your client’s wellness plan this year.


1. Website
Design your massage website around the benefits you want to promote and clients you want to attract. There’s no limit to the amount of information you can share on a website. That said, it’s usually best to keep your message short and concise.

If you don’t have an online presence, potential clients asking Google for suggestions won’t find you. Even if you rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals, you need a website. People who are referred to you want to look at your website to learn more before they commit.

2. Case Studies
People want proof that you can deliver the results you claim. Reviews and testimonials can provide that supporting evidence. Take social proof a step farther by sharing case studies on your website and in email marketing campaigns.

A case study is the short story version of a testimonial. If a client experiences exceptional results from your treatment, ask permission to share their story. Share the reason they started massage therapy. Then explain the method of treatment and the outcome. If postural distortions were corrected, before and after photos can add a “wow” factor.

3. Taglines

Sometimes your business name says it all. If your name doesn’t make what you do abundantly clear, you need a tagline.


A tagline is just a few words that explains what you do. The candy Mentos has the tagline “the fresh maker”. It’s not just candy. It’s a breath freshener. 


The tagline for your massage business might say something like “sports injury specialist” or “relaxation sanctuary”. Put your tagline on your massage business cards, website, and anywhere your business name and massage logo appear.


Live well dominos


4. Blog
Starting a blog can attract more people to your website. Writing health articles is a simple way to promote massage as part of a wellness regimen. It’s also a good way to gain people’s trust.

Establish yourself as an expert in your niche or specialty by sharing your knowledge. Publishing articles can help position your website as a resource for those seeking advice or information.

5. Podcast
If you’re better at speaking than writing, you can create a podcast. Choose a specific target audience. If you work with athletes, talk about sports performance, training or injuries. If you work with clients suffering from depression or anxiety, share guided meditations and information about self-care. Reach out to local experts and invite them to chat with you on the show.


Your first listeners will likely be people you know. Tell your clients, friends and family about your podcast. Share it on your website, in your office and on social media. It’ll take time to build an audience, but a podcast can be a good way to create a name for yourself.

6. Social Media
Posting on social media connects you to a lot of people. Choose one or two platforms to post on regularly. Post at least 3-5 times a week. Check out these massage marketing tools for creating eye-catching posts and advanced scheduling.

Don’t make every post promotional. It’s fine to occasionally promote your services. Just keep in mind, people aren’t on social media to be sold to. Share posts that are conversational, fun, intriguing and/or helpful. Share tips and advice. Post about trends in the industry, events in your neighborhood and what’s going on in your clinic.

7. Flyers
Reaching people on the world wide web is great, but most of your clients live in your neighborhood. Create a massage flyer and hang it around town to get the attention of people who live and work nearby.


Use a flyer to promote a sale, new service or to make people aware that you’re right around the corner. You can hang flyers on community boards or at neighboring businesses you partner with. If your massage business is near a pedestrian friendly area, that’s a great place to hang flyers to attract the locals.