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13 Small Space Massage Therapy Room Ideas

Updated on
February 8, 2022
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Small space massage room ideas

Is your massage room tiny? It’s not unusual to have a small space for a massage room. All you really need is enough room to comfortably move around the massage table. Though working in a small space comes with its own challenges. You don’t want it to feel crowded or like the walls are closing in on you.  So, how do you prevent your tiny closet of a room from feeling like a claustrophobic cave? We have some small space massage room ideas for you.


Small space massage room ideas

There are basic principles to follow when decorating a small space. Keep this in mind when brainstorming massage room ideas. Here are some ideas to make any small massage room feel bigger and more inviting. 


1. Paint the walls white-ish. 

Dark colors absorb light and make a room feel smaller than it actually is. To avoid this, paint the walls white. If white is not your thing, choose a color you like. Then find the lightest and whitest version of it, and use that. This will make the massage room feel more open, even if it has a small footprint

2. Don’t use bold colors anywhere.

It’s fun to pop bold colors, but it’s a bad idea in a small massage room. Bold colors draw the eye and appear closer than they really are. This doesn’t work well in a small room. Instead, use very light matching hues throughout the room. Choose decor and linens that are only slightly darker than the walls. The effect of using a very light palette will be a crisp airy feel.


Paint swatches


3. Create ambience with low lighting.

It’s hard to tell how big or small a space is if the lighting is low. If your lighting creates a sense of tranquillity, it doesn’t matter what size your massage room is. Your massage room lighting should provide a soft warm glow that invites your clients in. Twinkle lights, faux candles and dimmable lamps are good options.

4. Make it smell good.

A light fragrance wafting from your massage room will lure clients in. Use an oil diffuser with essential oils. The scent of lavender or jasmine can create a sense of relaxation and luxury. Be careful not to overdo it. A little goes a long way in a small space.

5. Less is more.

It’s good to have clean lines in a small massage room. That means the surfaces and walls are clearly defined and unobstructed. Don’t over-decorate. Remove unnecessary items from counters and shelves. Don’t put anything on the floor that doesn’t need to be there. Too much stuff will make the room look cluttered. Keep the surfaces clean and wall decor at a minimum. Try hanging a single piece of art, and hiding your miscellaneous massage therapy equipment in a drawer or cabinet.

6. Ditch the bulky furniture.

The more of the floor you can see, the bigger your massage room will feel. Get rid of every furniture item that’s not absolutely necessary. Choose furniture with feet and legs instead of solid bases. This will give the illusion of more floor space. Being able to see under the furniture helps prevent the space from feeling cramped. As a general rule, use small furniture in a small room. 


Simple solutions for your workspace

Your massage room might be small, but it still needs to be functional. Use these small space massage room ideas to create a workspace that’s versatile, functional and aesthetically pleasing.


7. Keep your sheets in a closet.                                                   

If possible, avoid keeping your linens in a bulky piece of furniture inside your massage room. Instead, keep them on a shelf in a closet or a different room. While it is convenient to have your sheets stored in your massage room, they take up valuable space.

8. Hide your stool.

When not in use, hide your massage stool underneath your massage table. This will give you more space to move about the room while you work.  It'll also make the room less cluttered.

9. Hang a hammock under your massage table.

Store your supplies under your table. There are a variety of hammock-like shelves you can purchase for under the table storage. Put bolsters, massage cream, tools and accessories here when you’re not using them.

Your work surface should have drawers or cubbies. You need a dedicated spot in the room to put your things while you work. Try to keep that surface free of clutter. Choose a piece of furniture that has drawers or cubbies to store your supplies in. Fewer things on the counter mean fewer things to clean.


Clothes hanging on hooks


Simple Solutions for your client’s space

Your clients need a place to put their things during the massage. You don’t need a whole lot of space, but you do need a designated area for clothes, bags and coats.


10. Use the door.

Make use of the door to your massage room. Put a hook and hangers on the back of the door for client’s to hang their clothes. This will prevent you from having to hang something on the wall. Consider hanging a mirror on the back of the door too. Clients will appreciate that when they put themselves back together after their massage.

11. Create a dressing area.

Make it obvious where your client should put their things. (It also helps to tell them.) Put these 4 items together in a corner near the entrance of the room: Chair, lamp, mirror, small end table. When you put the changing area near the door, clients don’t have to squeeze around the table. Plus, if you’re using the door for hanging clothes, they’ll have a bigger space to get ready.


12. Use the wall if you must.

If you don’t have room for an end table, you might hang a small shelf near the chair. Put your massage business cards on the shelf and leave room for small items like keys and phones. If you don’t want to put a hook on the door, another option is to hang hooks on the wall for clients to hang their coats and clothes.


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