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Tips For Coming Up With Your Massage Business Name

So you've decided to start your own massage therapy business. Great! The first place you should start? Your business name. Don't underestimate how important the name you choose for your business is going to be. It's what your business is going to be identified by for the entirety of its existence. Coming up with a good name is a lot easier said than done. The following are a few tips to help guide you:


Think about what you're trying to get across - What is the focus of your massage therapy business? Is it health? Is it relief from pain? Is it comfort? Consider your main goals as a business and pick a name that makes it clear what you do - and is catchy/stands out.


Think like your potential customers - Get in the minds of your customers. Think about what they would consider to be an attractive business name. And very importantly, bounce some name ideas off as many people as you can. Getting this feedback is an important step.


Use professional keywords - Certain words not only help imply that your business provides massage therapy but also help to make your business sound professional. Also by using a keyword in your business name (and eventually domain name) you are setting yourself up by SEO success. Consider using terms that potential clients will search for on Google.


Consider using the name of a location - Adding the name of your city or even the name of your neighborhood can help to strengthen the brand identity of your business. Customers will have no doubts about where you are located when searching for massage therapy businesses online. An example could be "Boston Massage Therapy". The potential downside of this strategy is if you change locations. "5th Avenue Massage Clinic" that's on Broadway will be confusing to customers.


Check the trademark - Once you've come up with a name you like, check to make sure the trademark is available to avoid any future issues. You should also make sure the domain name, Twitter username, and Facebook URL are available so that you can use your brand name in all aspects of your business - consistency is professional.


Check other massage therapy businesses in your area - You don't want your name to be too similar to a competitor!