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5 Tips for Marketing Your Clinic on Facebook

Updated on
May 7, 2014

You simply cannot ignore the fact that Facebook is THE most powerful social network site in existence. Below are some tips on how to market your clinic and keep your clients interested in your content.


Tip # 1 - Offer first time visitors an incentive
Patients need a reason to like your page. Usually this means great content, but you can also offer incentives (such as coupons) in return for liking you Facebook Page. Check out Static HTML and the “like-gate” for a relatively easy way to do this. (You’ll want someone with some basic programming skills to help).

Tip # 2 -Write about what you know
Focus on your industry. People will be following you because they know you’re an expert in your field. Keep your content based on your profession - write about current events, share a video, ask them to post a question, or repost an interesting article. Remember to be careful about privacy and confidentiality by avoiding personal comments on treatments/diagnoses.


Tip # 3 –A picture says a thousand words
People are more visual than ever. Having a bunch of text on your Facebook page reminds them of the boredom of sitting in a waiting room. Adding images to your posts will add life to your stories. You can even feature pictures of staff with a small write up about them. Creating this personal connection is important for developing your relationship with your patients.


Facebook’s algorithm actually prefers photos and will show posts with photos to more of your followers than text alone.


Tip # 4 - Ask The Easy Questions
Everyone values their own opinions and by asking the easy questions, your patients will feel inspired to jump into the conversation. Participation is the key. Use the Facebook Questions feature to create a simple poll.


Tip # 5 – The Contest
Everyone loves winning. Give your clients a little excitement by hosting a contest where they have a chance to win something they are interested in. The contest can be as simple as asking them to enter their name and email address, and the winner is picked out of a hat. Or get more creative with a photo or trivia contest!


Many clinics still haven’t figured out the power of Facebook. With these 5 simple tips you’ll really start to grow your following!

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