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Attract New Clients With A Facebook Contest

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March 25, 2024

One of the best ways to promote your massage therapy business is to interact with your customers. Social media is a great way to promote your business, and it is successful because of the interaction it creates between the customers and the business. How great would it be if you could throw a contest that gets people to interact with you on social media as well as getting them to lay down on your massage table? Here is a contest idea that will bring you new clients, and increase your visibility on Facebook.


Friends love to share experiences with one another, especially great ones. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on Facebook. People are constantly sharing the awesome restaurants they dined in, or the amazing new hairstyle they got at their favorite salon. Wouldn't it be great if your clients were sharing how much they loved getting a massage from you? Your client's friends are an awesome source for new clients; here is how to get them on your table.


  • Put a post on Facebook announcing your contest: "Do you have friends on Facebook that you think deserve a relaxing massage? Tag your friends that you think really deserve a massage -  and one person will be chosen at random as the winner of a FREE 60-minute treatment.
  • Then on a specific date you will announce the winner of your contest who will receive a complimentary massage. 


  • Make sure to post an eye-catching image along with your post so that it gains attention of your followers.

The reason this type of contest can work is because it uses your existing clients' network to get your name out there. Many of your clients' friends live in the same area as your client - which is likely close to your business. And since location and a personal referral are two major factors in choosing a healthcare practitioner, your clients' friends make for great long-term candidates.


This type of contest can expose your Facebook business page to hundreds of potential new clients and even gain new likes to your page, further increasing your network.


Social media is a great and inexpensive way to market your business, plus it truly does bring you closer to the people you want to help the most: your neighbors. 

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