7 Key Massage Therapy Industry Statistics for 2023

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May 25, 2023

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Being aware of recent massage therapy statistics is important for career and business planning. For this article, we collect the most recent data from government resources and research from massage therapy organizations. The results are a bird's eye-view of the massage industry in 2023. Use it to create a plan for business success in 2023.


What 2023 massage therapy statics will we cover in this article?

In this article we will cover some of the top 2023 massage therapy statistics including:

  • Will the massage therapy industry grow in 2023?
  • How much did massage therapists make in 2022?
  • What is the job outlook for massage therapists in 2023?
  • What demographic was most likely to get a massage in 2022?
  • What were the top reasons for getting a massage in 2022?
  • Where were people most likely to get a massage in 2022?
  • How to grow your massage business in 2023?

1. Will The Massage Therapy Industry Grow In 2023?

Yes. The massage therapy industry is growing at a rate of ~8.6% due to more people making self-care a priority. The benefits of massage on mental health fuels this growth. According to the FMI Market report, massage therapy is a $54B industry in the US.



massage therapy statistics


Massage therapy is a thriving industry in more than 30 countries. Mental health has become a major concern after the pandemic. Massage statistics show an increasing number of Millennials investing in massage therapy for their own well-being. This is the driving force behind the growth of the massage industry.



2. How Much Did Massage Therapists Make In 2022?

The average massage therapist earns between $43K and $65K a year. Massage therapists' salaries vary based on geographic location, employment status, additional certifications, and the setting in which they work. Many massage therapists only work part-time. Some massage therapists operate full-time businesses.


What is the Average Massage Therapist's Wage in Canada?

The Government of Canada states that the prevailing wage for massage therapists in Canada is $17-$55 an hour. The medium hourly wage for massage therapists is $31.30. The hourly wage of massage therapists is largely impacted by employment status and experience.


What is the Average Massage Therapist's Wage in the USA?

The average salary for massage therapists in the USA is $55,874 a year. According to, wages for massage therapists vary greatly with the lowest salaries at $44,689 and the highest paid massage therapists at $71,753 annually.


How Much Did Self-Employed Massage Therapists Make in 2022?

On average, self-employed massage therapists earned an average of $43,023 a year in 2022, according to Income varies greatly based on massage speciality, business type, and how many years they’ve been in business. Experienced massage therapists who specialize typically earn more than the national average.


How Much Did Massage Therapists Who Work For Clinics Make in 2022?

In 2022, the average salary for a clinical massage therapist in the US was $55,880. Massage therapists who work in clinics earn slightly more than those in spa settings. says average wages vary based on years of experience, education, certifications, and massage specialty.

3. What Is The Job Outlook For Massage Therapists In 2023?

There will be an abundance of jobs for massage therapists in 2023. Jobs in this market are growing at a rate well above average, as more people recognize the benefits of massage therapy. Job growth for massage therapists is expected to increase by 20% 2021-2031.



how much will massage industry jobs growth be


According to the US Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 25,200 job openings for massage therapists this year. This growth is due to a wider acceptance of the results massage therapy delivers, as well as replacing retiring massage therapists. Current massage therapy statistics show a promising future for massage therapists.


4. What Demographic Was Most Likely To Get A Massage In 2022?

According to the AMTA 2022 Massage Industry Fact Sheet, parents were the most likely people to get a massage in 2022. Income was also a factor. People who earned more were more likely to get a massage. Also, men were 4% more likely to get a massage than women.


These massage therapy statistics are different from previous years. The number of men getting massages is increasing. So is the number of parents with little ones. The number of parents with children under 18 getting massages increased by 11% in 2022.


5. What Were The Top Reasons For Getting A Massage In 2022?

The primary reason for getting a massage in 2022 was health and wellness. According to the AMTA, 54% of consumers reported improving their health and well-being was their motivation for investing in massage therapy. Specific reasons included pain relief, stress relief, and massage as part of their self-care regimen. 


Only 30% of consumers said their massage was for luxury or pampering. This is good news for the massage industry. The benefits of massage therapy is fueling the growing demand for massage therapists. People reported getting massage therapy to relieve pain, stiffness, and migraines, as for injury rehab and pregnancy.


6. Where Were People Most Likely To Get A Massage In 2022?

In 2022, most people got a massage at spas and private massage practices. The AMTA 2022 Industry Fact Sheet, reported 34% of consumers went to the massage therapists office to get a massage, and 34% of people went to a spa. 


Massage therapy statistics show that massage franchises came in third, at 24%. People also reported getting massages at beauty salons, chiropractic and physical therapy offices, as well as in their own home. 


7. Based on the 2023 Statistics, What Can I Do To Grow My Massage Therapy Business?

Consider the following: Do your hours accommodate the schedules of busy parents? Do you create an environment that’s welcoming to both men and women? Are you educating people about the benefits of massage therapy? Do you showcase the results of massage therapy provided by the therapists in your clinic?

Consider all of the above, then, create a plan to advertise your massage therapy business to the people who need you. Here are a few ideas on how to implement that plan.


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Here are some tips you might consider: 

Invest In Massage Therapy Software

The best way to get all your work done in less time AND market your business is to use software to do it for you. ClinicSense is massage therapy software that automates email marketing, scheduling, gift certificates sales, and so much more. Massage therapists who use ClinicSense report that having online booking increases sales exponentially. Check out  ClinicSense features to learn more.

Use Social Media To Educate Your Future Clients

Social media is a great platform to research customers you haven’t met yet. It’s a place to build your brand, make connections, and showcase your skills. There’s no need to be salesy on social media. In fact, that’ll hurt you. Instead, talk about health and wellness. That’s a subject your people are interested in. 


Create massage therapy social media posts that educate people on the benefits of massage. Feature recent research or amazing massage therapy results. Teach people things they want to know.

Use Email Marketing To Stay In Touch with Clients

Email marketing is still the best way to communicate with your client list. Email is a good place to advertise massage specials, new services, and to promote gift certificates


Services aren’t the only thing you can advertise. You can also advertise your availability to fill empty time slots, and reconnect with clients who haven't booked in a while.


5 ways to grow your massage business

Get Reviews & Publish Case Studies

Showcase your skills and expertise by asking others to share their stories. Word of mouth has always been the primary source of massage business growth. It’s not a new idea, but there are new ways of doing it. 


If you’re not already prompting happy clients to leave a review, it’s time to start. If you get more reviews, you’ll get more referrals. Also, more people will find you online. How can you do this? ClinicSense recently released a feature that automates the review collection process, you can learn more about it in their new features breakdown


Another way to share success stories is to create case studies. When you have a client who comes in with a common and/or difficult issue, it’s an opportunity. If the results of massage therapy create a transformation, ask for permission to share their story - as a case study.

A case study documents the problem the client presented, the treatment you provided, and the results. Impressive results get people’s attention and build trust. Publish case studies on your website site, share them in email campaigns, and post them on social media.


Have Conversations with Clients

Whatever your specialty, find ways to connect with people with the problems that you solve. Talk about the benefits of massage therapy for that problem. People are searching for solutions. You can be the one to provide answers.

You can do this face to face, one person at a time, in casual conversation. Be authentic and be helpful. You don’t have to sell anyone on massage. Almost everybody loves a good massage. Sometimes a suggestion is required to prompt someone to take action.

Have conversations around the benefits of massage in your social circles. People want to feel good and take better care of themselves. Massage therapy statistics prove that.


Are you Ready To Level Up Your Massage Therapy Business in 2023? 

If this is the year that you have decided to scale up your massage therapy business, it might be time to invest in massage therapy software that also offers built-in marketing tools to help you grow.  Run your business, eliminate paperwork, get new clients, and build strong relationships with existing ones using these tools, start your free trial to see how it works.

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