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A Guide to Customizing Intake Forms for Your Wellness Business

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October 5, 2023

customizable forms for wellness

A custom patient intake form is vital for your wellness business. It’s the first step towards connecting with new patients. With the rise of electronic intake forms, efficiency and personalization go hand in hand. Whether you're a massage therapist, medspa owner, or osteopath, this article will help you create the perfect digital intake forms for better patient care and streamlined operations. 

What Are Patient Intake Forms?

Patient intake forms are the foundational documents used by healthcare and wellness providers to gather essential information about a patient's demographics, medical history, and current health status. These forms facilitate efficient and personalized care, aiding in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

What Information Should Intake Forms Include?

Intake forms should collect critical information such as patient demographics, contact details, medical history, current health concerns, lifestyle factors, and the reason for their visit. They can be customized further depending on the specific service, provider, or patient's situation to ensure the most relevant and comprehensive data collection.

common intake forms

Consent Forms

Think of consent forms as your patient's green light. It's a handy document that lets your patient say "yes, I'm onboard" with the proposed care plan. On it, you'll want to clearly explain the process, potential benefits, and any risks involved. Also, it's a good place to remind patients that they always have a choice and can change their mind at any time.

Medical History Forms

These patient intake forms help collect all the important details about their health journey so far. You'll want to know things like past illnesses or surgeries, any medications they're currently taking, and lifestyle habits that might affect their health. It's all about giving you a complete picture, so you can give them the best care possible.

Cancellation Policy Agreement

This is your friendly reminder to patients about the rules of the game when it comes to scheduling. It's where you lay out how much notice you need if they have to cancel or reschedule, so everyone's on the same page and your schedule stays as smooth as possible.

Tip: Add your cancellation policy to appointment reminders, as well as a link to cancel or reschedule an appointment online.

Sensitive Areas Consent Form

This is an essential massage therapy intake form for practices in Canada. A bit of extra care and attention is needed here. This is for when treatments involve more personal areas. It outlines what will happen, why it's needed, and reassures patients that their comfort and dignity are a top priority. It's all about building trust and ensuring your patients feel safe and respected.

Parental or Guardian Consent Forms

This is a must-have when young ones are involved. It's a document where parents or guardians give their thumbs up for their child's treatment. Make sure to clearly explain the procedures, potential benefits, and risks so the adults can make informed decisions. Always remember, transparency is key when it comes to caring for younger patients.

How To Customize Patient Intake Forms For Different Service Providers

Customizing patient intake forms involves tailoring questions to align with the unique needs of service providers such as massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and acupuncturists. The goal is to capture specifics about a patient's condition, treatment history, and goals that are most relevant to each discipline's therapeutic approach.

how to customize intake forms

Here are a few examples of how different providers use intake forms to collect the info they really need. 

Massage intake forms might include questions about areas of muscle tension, pain levels, and previous experience with massage therapy. Queries about lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress, and occupation can provide insights into potential causes of muscle strain.

Occupational Therapy intake forms should ask about the patient's daily activities, job demands, and specific tasks they struggle with. Understanding a patient's home and work environments, as well as their goals, is essential to designing effective occupational therapy interventions.

Intake forms for Medspas should ask about skin type, sensitivity, any history of skin conditions, and prior cosmetic procedures. Details about daily skincare routines and specific beauty goals or concerns can guide personalized recommendations for treatments or products. Lifestyle factors like sun exposure and hydration habits could also provide valuable context for skincare concerns and treatments.

Create Custom Intake Forms For Special Services & Situations

Creating custom intake forms for special services, like prenatal massage, sports injuries, or specific skin treatments, involves tailoring the questions to the unique needs of these services. The intake forms should capture details about the specific condition, stage of recovery, past related treatments, and the client's goals and concerns.

Set up your online booking software to send these special intake forms any time a client books a service for the first time.

Prenatal Massage intake forms could include questions about the stage of pregnancy, any complications or high-risk factors, areas of discomfort related to pregnancy, and previous experience with massage. It's also crucial to ask about the client's comfort levels and preferred positioning during the massage.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation intake forms should ask about the type of surgery undergone, the date of the operation, any complications, current symptoms, and recovery progress. Pain levels and physical limitations are also important to document, as are the surgeon's recommendations or restrictions for therapy.

Intake forms for working with kids should include details about the child's development milestones, medical history, current medications, and any specific concerns of the parents or guardians. For younger patients, information about feeding and sleeping routines may also be relevant. Always remember to maintain a friendly, non-intimidating tone to ensure parents or guardians feel at ease.

How Do I Create Patient Intake Forms Online?

Creating patient intake forms online is a straightforward process, often facilitated by practice management software. These digital platforms allow you to customize templates, add or remove questions, and organize information to suit your practice's needs. Once created, these forms can be easily shared with patients electronically.

Another option is to download a free intake form template and alter it to fit your needs. If you’re into free templates, ClinicSense has a free Cancellation Policy TemplateConsent Form TemplateGift Certificate Template, and SOAP Notes Template

How Do Electronic Intake Forms Work?

Electronic intake forms are digital versions of paper forms, accessible via a secure online portal or email link. Patients can fill out these forms at their convenience, often before their appointment. The information is then directly sent to the provider's system, streamlining data entry and allowing for pre-visit review.

Transitioning to electronic intake forms can significantly improve efficiency in any wellness practice. They eliminate the need for physical paperwork, reducing clutter and simplifying record keeping. Moreover, electronic forms allow patients to complete their details at their own pace, often before their appointment, resulting in a smoother, more relaxed experience.

What To Look For In Electronic Intake Form Software

When choosing an electronic intake form software, like ClinicSense, look for:

  • Customization options to suit your practice's needs
  • Seamless integration with booking systems for efficiency
  • HIPAA compliance for patient privacy. 

ClinicSense makes customizing intake forms for different providers, services, and special situations easy. It automatically sends the appropriate forms to patients when they book an appointment. Plus, it’s HIPAA compliant, so your patients’ information stays private.

Couple that with ClinicSense features like built-in SOAP Notes software, online booking, payment processing, and marketing tools and you’re set to manage the whole practice in one place.

Ready to give electronic intake form software a try? Start a free trial of ClinicSense!

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