8 Massage Therapy Marketing Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Massage therapy marketing toolsDo you want to streamline your massage marketing process? Do you wish you could spend less time on marketing AND reach more prospects? Of course you do. You’re busy. That’s why we put together this list of massage therapy marketing tools to make your life easier.

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Massage Room Ideas: How to Create a Relaxing Space For Clients

massage roomNo matter what type of massage practice you have, there’s an expectation for your treatment room to be a relaxing place. The look and feel of the room is part of the massage experience. The right environment can cause your clients to slip into massage bliss before they even get on the table. Of course, the room doesn’t just need to be zen, it also needs to be practical.  Here are some massage room ideas that will help you achieve both.

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6 Massage Therapy Promotional Ideas For the Holiday Season

giftThe holidays are just around the corner. Are you ready? Shoppers are already looking for gifts for their favorite people. Now’s your chance to convince them that a massage is the perfect gift for anyone. We put together this list of massage therapy promotional ideas to get you started. Honestly, how much convincing does one really need?

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How to Build a Successful Massage Therapy Email Marketing Campaign

massage email marketingThere’s no denying it. Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of online marketing for small businesses. 64% of small businesses use email to stay connected to their customers, according to campaign monitor. There’s no exception for massage therapists. Implementing a massage email marketing plan is an extremely effective way to boost client retention and frequency of visits per customer.

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Designing a Massage Therapy Treatment Plan + Examples

Massage therapy treatment plan

Massage therapy is becoming widely accepted as a way to maintain overall health and recover from injury. In fact, 63% of clients received massage for wellness purposes in 2020, according to a recent survey.  30% of those people reported that massage therapy was part of a treatment plan prescribed by their doctor. As a massage therapist, it’s your job to design a treatment strategy that gets the results clients are looking for. Let’s take a look at how to do that, as well as a few examples of massage therapy treatment plans that work for certain types of clients.

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What Design Should Your Massage Therapy Website Have?

If you’re wondering what design you should use for your massage therapy website, you’re in the right place. Your website is your online storefront. If you think about it, browsing the web is like  window shopping. The design of your website needs to invite your potential clients in. Your website is a way to promote your massage therapy business, and it’s also a sneak peak of the experience you offer. 

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How to create a massage therapy marketing plan on a budget

You have the touch, and your clients love you. That’s sure to get you some word of mouth advertising. However, that alone may not be enough to grow your business to the size you want it to be. If you want to reach a broader audience, you need a plan. Read on to learn how to create a marketing plan and budget for massage therapists.

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How to Promote Your Massage Business

Learn how to attract more clients

So you’ve started a massage business. You’re good at what you do. You offer a great service that people need, but you need more clients coming in. The key to success is learning how to promote your massage therapy business. In this article, you’ll learn how to get the word out in your neighborhood and online.

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Your Guide To Choosing The Best Massage Marketing Strategies

Massage marketing strategiesThe best massage marketing strategies are the strategies you can execute on a consistent basis. Your marketing success depends on your ability to commit to a plan for an extended period of time. The good news is, you don’t need to complete a long list of marketing tasks. You just need a few strategies that you like and can stick with for the long haul. It can take a while to gain momentum, but once you have it, you’re unstoppable.

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